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Media complaints

Every Company, but especially one like ours carrying out over 1500 jobs a year will get complaints every now and then. Sometimes they are justified and sometimes they are a result of miscommunication, but sometimes they are a result of some types of interesting people we have to deal with.

When we make a mistake we make every effort to either correct or compensate but unfortunatley the people most likely to make unjustified and frankly spurious complaints are usually the kinds that like to take revenge by posting on social media or search engines.

Below are some of our favourites and the back story behind them:

Claims on google from Mrs S. from Aston
This customer asked for a quotation to remove the Ivy covering her wall and roof that we supplied(available on request) She accepted the job and we scheduled a date. She then asked us to attend a few days early to clear the satallite dish as she was having guests over. This we did at no extra cost. We then returned at the scheduled date and spent the day with a team clambering all over her house removing the Ivy.
She then got the team to trim some bushes that was not included in the quote. The job was completed and we sent her an invoice. 6 weeks later I knocked on the door and asked to be paid as she had ignored the invoice. She said she hadn't paid because I hadn't priced the reconstruction of the rear garden. I wasn't going to spend all morning quoting a job that she couldn't afford when she had failed to pay her existing bill. The Ivy removal job was for £350-00 and exactly what was quoted. After many letters we took her to court and won our case. She paid the original invoice but refused to pay the court costs. She then made death threats and confessed when the police interviewed her and kept her in jail overnight. I kindly dropped the charges. 4 years later she rang to have the CCJ removed which I agreed to do after she paid the court costs. She did this then commenced with her negative campaign on the internet.

Another fun Charater wasn't even a customer of ours. We were carrying out some jet washing of a drivewayon Lordship Lane in Letchworth and the next door neighbour came out screaming blue murder because a trickle of water had found its way onto her 20 year old driveway. She wanted us to pack up and go home half way through the job. We assured her the water would evapourate and any residue would be cleaned but we weren't going to stop.
She then decided to take to social media with a rediculous pack of lies about how she was treated. Her poor husband was so embarrased he apologised to us

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