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Precision timed Garden Maintenance Service

A Reliable garden maintenance service is notoriously difficult to come by these days. The most frequent complaint we hear is that gardeners just seem to vanish or not come back regularly.

Keeping a perfect schedule is very hard with such a dynamic business such as gardening, what with the weather and changing seasons, light variations through the seasons and a simple thing like staff sickness or mechanical breakdowns it is tough for anybody to promise customers that they will always be in your garden at the same time every time.

Some of our more discernable customers do pay a premium for guarenteed visits at certain days and times but for most people a reasonably reliable service that continues year after year is enough and we at NJ Garden Services have been working very hard to provide just such a business.

Our scheduling manager is responsible for the control of the teams and monitors the schedules daily to ensure all customers are visited at the right times and days without being forgotton.

Time management and charges

We at NJ Garden Services have always wanted to create a better system of managing the time spent in a garden. What with the changing season it is difficult to attach a price to a job because the time required to keep the garden in good order changes with the seasons.

We have devised a programme that estimates the man time expected to be required over the whole year. This is then priced and divided by the twelve months of the year giving an even spread of payments over the year. The total minutes that have been used are monitored by our computer and carefully recorded. This gives our teams in the field the flexibilty to stay only as long as they need to, but the time to stay for those extra busy days.

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